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Where to stay?

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Where to stay in Manila

If all you know about the Philippines and the capital Manila is the vast amount of shoes that Imelda Marcos supposedly owned, then you are missing a treat. Though probably many of the hotels Manila has could not contain the footwear, things have moved on in Manila since then, the Marcos’ legacy and hold over the country is fading.

Now Manila looks forward to a brighter future, welcoming visitors who come from all over the world to sample great food, fantastic museums, the sumptuous hotels Manila offers, and a culture that extends back thousands of years.

The type of hotels Manila has

There is a range of hotels Manila can offer the discerning traveller with hotels Manila has covering every budget, from beach resorts to pensions to high-end deluxe hotels. For business hotels Manila is very accommodating as hoteliers are aware that many travellers come to the capital to do business, and so appropriate facilities are available to ease their stay.

The other hotels Manila has range from ones with tennis courts and swimming pools to ones with more intimate surroundings. If you want to stay in a boutique hotel Manila has some of those. Some of the hotels Manila has have great views over Manila Bay or Rizal Park.

The food of Manila

Many of the hotels Manila has have restaurant facilities for your convenience. These offer a range of cuisines but to really enjoy Filipino cooking, you need to get out into the city and its many restaurants.

There is much debate, even among Filipinos, as to what their cuisine actually is. Influences from China, Spain and America all come together and Filipinos use this to create their own unique dishes, many of which can be sampled in the hotels Manila has.

Above all, the diet is a healthy one with lots of rice, fish and vegetables, and not much meat. Sinigang is a typical dish of meat, fish or prawns with vegetables and stewed with tamarind, green mangoes and a sour fruit such as bilimbi. Chinese noodles abound as does paella, all with a Filipino twist.

The twist is often in the sauces that come with a meal, making one dish accessible to different tastes. Fish sauce or shrimp paste can add extra aspects to a meal, meaning every diner comes away with a different experience.

But it is the fruit that outshines everything. Coconut is king and every part of the plant is used in cooking, down to the leaves wrapping rice cakes. You should also try mangoes, star fruit, custard apples and mangosteens.

If you want luxurious hotels Manila is amenable though there are various cheaper hotels Manila has for a less expensive stay. For those with a nose for a bargain, check out flights to the Philippines through BudgetAir. Not only can this travel agency find you the cheap flights, BudgetAir can also help out with booking any of the hotels Manila has.

(By the way, it was in excess of 3,000 shoes that Imelda Marcos was supposed to have owned.)

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*Return fares per person, including taxes, excluding the €9,99 booking fee.

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