Where to stay in the United States?

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Where to stay in the United States?

If you had to sum up America in one word it would probably be ‘diverse’. Then there is mesmerising, ever-changing, and of course, huge. Most of the states are so massive they have their own laws or they trip across different time zones.

The hotels in the United States offer just as much variety so be prepared to have fun, meet a bunch of interesting people, and see sights you never contemplated before.

More information on the hotels in the United States

Booking rooms ahead in the many hotels the United States has is a must. The best way to do that is to book your hotels in the United States through BudgetAir as the company has great deals running constantly, whether you want rooms in hotels the United States offers in the north, south, east or west.

To find out discounted hotels in the United States check out BudgetAir’s offers. The cheaper hotels in the United States tend to be in the less-well travelled areas, a bonus if you want to be off the beaten track. Top end hotels that the United States has will be concentrated in the big cities and major resorts.

There are many chain hotels in the United States and these might not be quirky or individual but you know what you are getting and, with BudgetAir, it will be at a good price.

The deserts of America

Utah, Arizona, Nevada, and New Mexico are the desert states with red rock formations such as the sandstone arches at Moab in Utah, actual tumbleweed and cacti, plus the bright incongruous lights of Las Vegas to the west.

You can watch bats flit around at dusk at Carlsbad Caverns National Park, raft down the Colorado River, marvel at the Grand Canyon, then settle down for the night at some of the best and wackiest hotels in the United States.

Utah has five national parks, the Great Salt Lake, snow-covered mountains and a modern city in the form of Salt Lake City, headquarters of the Mormons. Dead Horse Point State Park is small but has been the backdrop to many movies, including Mission Impossible II and Thelma and Louise, due to its deep canyons fringed by white cliffs and stunning views of the Colorado River.

Flights to the United States

Such a huge expanse of a country ranging from snowy mountain ranges to tropical seas, the United States needs to be visited several times to make the most of it. Centring on one area at a time when in the United States is your best bet unless you have months to travel around and enjoy the variety this vast country offers you.

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*Return fares per person, including taxes, excluding the €9,99 booking fee.

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