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Where to stay?

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Where to stay in Tenerife

Tenerife is the largest of the Canary Islands and is often dubbed ‘the island of eternal spring’ due to its favourable climate. This, plus its close proximity to Britain, makes it the obvious choice when Brits want a bit of sun on their body.

It follows that the hotels Tenerife has are well used and kept up-to-date to stay in line with the ever-growing number of tourists. This is great news because the standard in the hotels Tenerife has is often high so tourists return to this island – after all four million visitors a year cannot be wrong!

The sorts of hotels Tenerife offers

The main resort hotels Tenerife boasts are in the south, which is typically the sunnier side of the island and the focus of package holidays. However a plentiful array of the hotels Tenerife has can be seen throughout the island, ranging from the more luxurious to quirky pensions frequented by the independent traveller.

For apart-hotels Tenerife has adequate provision with self-catering blocks being very popular. If you are looking for a more unusual hotel Tenerife can offer paradores which are run by the state and are often located in historic buildings.

But any of the hotels Tenerife has must be booked before arriving. The busiest months are December to March as well as summer holidays. For lower prices on rooms in the hotels Tenerife has, try in May or November.

The sort of food to expect

Most of the resort hotels Tenerife offers will either have a restaurant or bar where you can have meals and snacks. These restaurants in the hotels Tenerife has tend to have food geared towards tourists, which is fine but if you want real Spanish fare you must venture beyond the hotels Tenerife has and out into the more rural areas.

Food on the island is mainly influenced by Spain and northern Europe but there are some specialities which should be sampled. Gofio is ground and toasted wheat or maize served in the interior and in some places in Santa Cruz.

The other is papas arugadas, new potatoes with wrinkly skins that have been boiled in very salty water and are served with most main meals. Other delights on offer are fish soup, grilled or roasted meat such as rabbit or chicken, and squid with a dizzying array of sauces.

A absolute must is to do a tapas crawl where you sample the small dishes laden with goodies in different bars. Remember it is cheaper to have tapas standing at the bar than sitting at a table.

The hotels Tenerife has are plentiful in number and amount of rooms. If you book a room in one of the hotels Tenerife has you are sure to get what you want, and if not you can try somewhere else.

You will not want to try anywhere else for your flights – BudgetAir is the place to go for bargains that make sure you get the best deal whatever time of year you decide to travel and whichever hotel Tenerife bound you decide to stay in.

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*Return fares per person, including taxes, excluding the €9,99 booking fee.

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