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Shopping in Madrid

Do you find your outfits outdated or you are just bored with your current wardrobe? Not feeling inspired by the local clothing selections? There might be some alternatives for you with just a flight away! Did you know that Madrid is not only the capital city of Spain but also one of the most representative scenes for the current fashion trends & street styles among the Iberian peninsula and Europe? If you are looking to upgrade your wardrobe then buckle up and depart on this journey to discover the "moda" in Madrid!

Big Stores on Gran Via

The Gran Via or otherwise known as the street that never sleeps is the hot spot in Madrid in terms of shopping. Sometimes called the The Spanish Broadway, Grand Via hosts the biggest chain stores in the world but you can also find plenty of cinemas and cafe bars which have become one of the most frequent used meeting points among madrileños and tourists.

  1. Zara
    Zara is the most renowned brand of the world's largest apparel retailer, Inditex. Situated in an early 20th century Spanish style building, the shop provides a wider selection than most of the other locations. Expect lower prices than what you find in other European stores!
    Gran Vía, 34 Madrid
  • Desigual
    Famous for its bold designs and colourful pallets, the Barcelona based chain has managed to grow significantly in the recent years, nowadays supplying more than seventy stores around the world. Discover the four level store and find your unique garments!
    Preciados, 25 Madrid

  • Primark
    The second world's largest Primark store is proudly situated on the busiest street of Madrid. With over 12.000 square meters and five floors, this store has been causing quite a hype which results in many tours that offer to visit Madrid & shop in Primark.
    Gran Vía, 32 Madrid

  • Something different

    Situated in the heart of the Salamanca neighbourhood, Calle Serrano is on the list of must-see shopping streets in Madrid. From casual chic designer stores to couture and luxurious boutiques, expect to find the latest season trends among a half an hour walk.

    1. Loewe
      Loewe is a Spanish luxury fashion house based in Madrid that specialised mainly in leather.
      Serrano, 34 Madrid

    2. Versace
      The Italian fashion house dominated the FW stages in the early 90s with its bold designs and supermodels culture. Gianni Versaci's legacy is steered successfully nowadays by his sister Donatella.
      Serrano, 16 Madrid

    3. Kenzo
      This French luxury house was founded in 1970 by Japanese designer Kenzo Takada. Born in Japan, Takada moved to Paris in the beginning of the 60s to seek his aspiration to build an empire in fashion. And so he did.
      Serrano, 17 Madrid

    4. El Corte Inglés - Multibrand Shop
      El Corte Inglés is Spain's only remaining department store chain. The complex comprises several buildings and carries the most comprehensive portfolio of partner designers of any chain store in Spain.
      Serrano, 47-52 Madrid

    5. Manolo Blahnik
      No further need for introduction, Manuel "Manolo" Blahnik Rodríguez CBE, is a Spanish fashion designer and founder of the iconic high-end shoe brand that has been emblematic for the 20th and 21st centuries fashion movement.
      Serrano, 58 Madrid

    6. Cartujano
      In the middle of a globalised and capitalised world, Cartujano opposes the mass trends and is actively fighting to preserve one of the most traditional Spanish crafts: the noble creation of footwear and leather accessories. Quality, craftsmanship and timeless beauty are the main pillars of this brand's identity.
      Claudio Cello, 27 Madrid

    Local designers - Salesas Village

    If you are looking for a local touch, then the Plaza de las Salesas is the place for you! This neighbourhood is a local gem since it brings together locals artists that fill in the streets with fashion, art, music, gastronomy and decorative pieces. With over forty commerciak spaces, the streets of Salesas will offer you a great selection for your needs!

    1. Malababa
      Founded in 1997, Malababa is a brand ambassador for Spain in the apparel and accessory design industry.
      Santa Teresa, 5 Madrid

    2. La Bonne Étoile
      The Bonne Étoile offers a good variety of Ottoman jewellery, as well as other hand-made accessories at affordable prices.
      Piamonte, 27 Madrid

    3. Juanjo Oliva
      One of the most important voices for Prêt-à-Porter and fashion in Madrid, the local designer's boutique can be found on Calle Justiniano.
      Justiniano, 14 Madrid

    4. Ailanto
      The Bilbaon brothers created their own label in the mid 90s which is famous for its colour combinations, geometric forms and portrayals of the avant-garde movements.
      Orellana, 14 Madrid

    5. Oteyza Tailoring
      Traditional tailoring at its best quality! Expect a two-months process for production with usually around four fittings.
      Conde de Xiquena, 11 Madrid

    6. Doble AA
      Passionated for fashion, DOBLE AA apparel is offering a wide range of possibilities within the latest trends.
      Barquillo, 28 Madrid

    *Return fares per person, including taxes, excluding the €9,99 booking fee.

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