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Where to stay?

Where to stay in Portugal?

Where to stay?

*Return fares per person, including taxes, excluding the €9,99 booking fee.

Where to stay in Portugal?

Lying in the extreme southwest of Europe, Portugal is a country that exudes old-fashioned charm, yet has embraced a modern urban lifestyle with vibrant cities such as Lisbon and Oporto. The hotels in Portugal reflect this dichotomy with rambling farmhouses being just as welcoming as the smart city hotels in Portugal.

Learning more about the hotels Portugal offers

BudgetAir is a great place to start when searching for hotels in Portugal. The company has an extensive list of hotels in Portugal ranging from international chains, mainly running down the Algarve and in the cities, to more budget options.

The prices for many of the hotels Portugal has are not set in stone so a scout through BudgetAir is well worth it as you are bound to come across great deals offering rock bottom prices for some of the hotels in Portugal.

One of the categories of hotels in Portugal are the pousadas, special type of hotels in Portugal that not only offer accommodation but also a cultural and historical aspect as many are in converted castles or palaces. If this is the sort of accommodation that appeals, let BudgetAir find the right one for you and book a room in one of the unique hotels Portugal has to offer.

Discovering Portugal

When you know your accommodation is sorted, you can get on with the important business of deciding where to explore in this fascinating country. For a beach holiday, head for the Algarve, the island of Madeira, or the Lisbon coast where you will find cosmopolitan resorts and the fairytale castle of Palacio da Pena at Sintra.

Inland is just as remarkable with medieval monasteries, sweeping landscapes of vines and woodland, and charming spa towns. The Douro Valley is famed as the birthplace of port but is building up a well deserved reputation for its wine too.

The volcanic island of Madeira is a paradise of dramatic cliffs, colourful plant life and a wild, rural interior. The Azores, on the other hand, are a place to get away from it all, flung out in the Atlantic as they are, 800 miles from the mainland. Delight in low scale tourism and explore the green mountains that range across the nine islands.

Flights to Portugal

Portugal is full of sunshine, sea and sand, with a lot more in between, from quaint villages and ancient churches to rolling hills and arid plains. Portugal is a place to explore at a leisurely pace, drinking in all of the sights and sounds of Portugal while taking time to appreciate the countryside and people.

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*Return fares per person, including taxes, excluding the €9,99 booking fee.

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