Where to stay in Italy?

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Where to stay in Italy?

If you are into art in any way, Italy is the place for you. The same is true if you enjoy simple yet mouth-watering food, are liable to cry at opera, or take pleasure in a dip in crystal clear waters.

Italy gives you all this and more on a holiday where you can explore ancient ruins and the latest fashions, dive into art and the Mediterranean, and scale the heady heights of volcanoes and the exuberance of a night out clubbing. It means the hotels Italy has become a welcome respite every night.

The coastal highlights of Italy

With thousands of miles of coast, Italy is just waiting to be explored, from the waterways of Venice and villages cut into the cliffs at Cinque Terre in the north, to the dramatic scenery of the Amalfi Coast on the west side. Bari on the eastern side is where the ashes of St Nicholas lie, the original Father Christmas.

Just inland near Bari is Alberobello, famous as a Unesco World Heritage Site due to its beehive-shaped dwellings and stubby pointed rooves. There are limestone caves nearby with incredible stalactite and stalagmite formations.

Right on the tip of the boot of Italy is Reggio di Calabria, the main port for ferries to Sicily, just two miles away. It houses an impressively long seafront promenade and many festivals take place here, including the Festival dello Stretto, celebrating the music of the south.

More about the hotels in Italy

From Sicily to Sardinia to the mainland, the hotels Italy provides can be outrageous or rustic, and that covers both the price and location. To know what you are getting for the hotels Italy offers, book a room in one of the hotels in Italy through BudgetAir.

Some of the luxury hotels in Italy are considered to be the best in the world, especially the city hotels in Italy. To avoid paying sky-high prices for these particular hotels in Italy, check out the deals with BudgetAir.

August is normally high season but for city hotels in Italy when everyone has flocked to the coast, the prices drop, making it an absolute bargain. So check out BudgetAir for costings and availability for your chosen hotels in Italy and get booking fast.

Flights to Italy

Italy probably has the most distinctive coastline in the whole of Europe. It looks just like a boot about to give the island of Sicily a good old kick up the wotsit. There is it poised and ready, waiting for its moment. And Italy has had so many great moments.

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*Return fares per person, including taxes, excluding the €9,99 booking fee.

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