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Where to stay?

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Where to stay?

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Where to stay in Sao Paulo

If you want to conduct any business in Brazil, Sao Paulo is the place to do it. It might not be the capital, or have the chutzpah of Rio de Janeiro, but it does hold the commercial, financial and industrial key of the country. Also the hotels Sao Paulo has accommodate any sort of traveller from first class business ones to backpackers and budget ones.

The type of hotels Sao Paulo possesses

The spread of hotels Sao Paulo has is enormous. Throughout the historic centre and on the outskirts, you are bound to find a hotel Sao Paulo has to suit your needs. Whether that be a designer hotel Sao Paulo style with chic black and white decor or a business hotel Sao Paulo offers that might give money off at weekends.

Any hotel Sao Paulo has can offer discounts, and these are often during the high season of December, January and February, when the rest of Brazil is hiking up their prices. If you are planning on booking one of the hotels Sao Paulo has, it is worth asking if they are running any deals, whatever time of year it is.

Some of the owner-run hotels Sao Paulo has are often the best bet for a comfortable night’s sleep. Small family-run hotels Sao Paulo has are called pousadas and they offer an intimate charm that some bigger hotels Sao Paulo has cannot.

What to eat and drink when in Sao Paulo

For ease you might want to eat in your hotel Sao Paulo style and that will give you some idea of the cuisine of the city. However venturing out into the town is well worth it for a taste of real Brazil. There is so much to enjoy in terms of flavour, from tender sun-dried beef to succulent sushi and wood-fired pizzas.

Due to the exotic mix of cultures in Sao Paulo, the food reflects this diversity in the fullest possible way so round every corner might be another type of dish or cuisine which comes from another country.

There is a lot of French, Italian and Japanese influence so be prepared to try all sorts of things. Grilled meats is a local favourite as is feijoada, a stew of black beans, pork trimmings, sausages, ribs and dried beef, all washed down with a bottle of beer.

For those days when your mouth is parched, opt for a coconut water as a thirst-quenching drink. It is also great for the morning after the night before. Of course coffee is the most popular and Brazilians drink it throughout the day. To put a zip in your step, down a cocktail of cachaca, white rum mixed with sugar, lime and crushed ice.

If you are after flashy hotels Sao Paulo is probably not the place for you. But if you require down to earth hotels Sao Paulo can assist you there. If you want down to earth prices as well, then BudgetAir is the place to go for flights to Sao Paulo. Check out the prices they offer and be amazed.

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*Return fares per person, including taxes, excluding the €9,99 booking fee.

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